GRID3: Matrix of Future Housing

SkyCity Challenge 2018, Modular Housing Design Competition

Puzzle City, Plug-In Housing

Whilst the worldwide population is projected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, future housing development will inevitably facing a paradigm shift alongside with the change of industry and technology. Demand of housing is foreseen to expand exponentially whereby house as a shelter of human’s basic need, we question that whether the future housing shall gets more affordable, smarter, sustainable and accessible by everyone. Hence, we wonder: we wonder: what could be the formula to a better future housing design?

In this proposal, we imagine a plug-in housing as an evolved version of LEGO and IKEA combination, that contemplating a matrix for future housing. The design strategies proposed encompasses the principal of integrating the current technology and technicality, assembling a more comprehensive system. This idea is a gesture to rethink the construction and housing industry to provide an alternative solution, whereby the aim is about opening another door in the housing market for greater possibility for everyone to own a home.

A housing product that is automated yet customize-able which made by predefined parts to form an redefined form. By implementing the new sustainable material BCORE, the design begins with a formulation of grid and structural frame to provide better flexibility for adjustment, creating series of variations. The combination of grids formed into spaces with different programmes and relevant sizes, offering wide-ranged of selections that allow users to choose and combine their ideal homes. This system may further developed into mix-used and highly personalized housings or even other building typologies- potraying the core ideology from the maestro Le Corbusier: “a House is a Machine for living in.”

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