Cloud 9: Mixed Development, Kota Damansara

Master’s Degree Group Project, 2019

Reinterpret Modern Lifestyle & Rehabilitate Urban Green

What if the mass development and its demand is inevitable? How should we encounter and manage to grant better qualities through sustainable masterplanning for next decades in the near future?

Originated as Sungai Buloh Forest Reserve, township of Kota Damansara was launched in 1993 with the theme of ‘living harmony with the environment’, which consists of 12 sections with different zoning. Situated near to saturated commercial zones and various transportation modes such as MRT station and highways, the proposed site is a strategic spot to be transformed into a new urban node. However, what should we innovate to stand out in the competition from the ongoing or completed project like Sunway Giza, Tropicana Gardens, Encorp Strand Mall, Sunway Nexis and so on? More importantly, what do we envision to achieve through this mixed development as part of the future framework of Kota Damansara?

Despite that the township is comprises of vibrant programmes and several landmarks, Kota Damansara’s identity is barely perceived and the urban fabric is lacking of a statement that corresponds with its origin and theme to live harmony with the environment. Apart from this, we anticipate our future built environment should establish a friendly relationship with nature and people as well, without sacrificing potential commercial values. To pave a direction for future development in Kota Damansara, this proposal initiates a reinterpretation of modern lifestyle and rehabilitation to reconnect with urban green, contemplating as a ‘Natural Monument’ itself.

The masterplanning encompasses 4 key principles include ‘Endure’, ‘Enrich’, ‘Enhance’ and ‘Engage’. In this scheme, we endure the existing greens and recreational value of the site originally, by creating functional landscape that provides greater amount of green area than its original green. The proposal also enrich the urban fabric with lifestyle and communal programmes on top of the existing programmes which are mostly retails and eateries. The proposal as a statement itself also enhance the identity of Kota Damansara becomes a representation of green township. The architecture also engage to the surrounding context and networks with various infrastructure, empowering the engagement to mixed communities as well.

In conclusion, the proposal of this mixed development aims to foster a paradigm shift towards a township of self-sustainable and communities-friendly. The design of it invokes a natural phenomenon that offers values yet unprecedented experience, transforming the current archetypal mass development where we squeezes density altogether but forgot the involvement of nature.

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