Tropical Paradise: Hotel Tower, Kota Damansara

Master’s Degree Design Studio Project, 2020

An Epitome of Playfulness + Wilderness

Hotel fundamentally as hospitality architecture, is usually being an archetypal building provide temporary accommodation, plus series of services and privileges to its customers. The project is set to retain the basic framework and system of a hotel, without sacrificing the efficiency and performance as a high rise, while elevates the hotel being an embodiment of experiences. This approach is an attempt to maintain the conventional qualities and relevance but creatively escalate the architectural impressions upon various scales of design.

The project site is located at the commercial heart of Kota Damansara, whereby the township started from 1993 alongside the theme of ‘living harmony with the environment’. Situated on a virgin green land next to an existing forest, the main inspiration begins with the respect to its origin by integrating nature as part of the architectural interpretation, users’ experience, and programme derivation. It is also a compensation act as reparation to the nature we took away during vast and rapid development.

Tropical rainforest as an emblematic natural asset that representing our nation, is being translated conceptually into the architecture design of this project. The qualities and components of rainforest are then break down into innovations which define the design, such as vertical zoning, spatial layout, room taxonomy, ambience etc. This project also explores the threshold between nature and spaces, in order to incorporate wilderness without sacrificing the comfort of occupants.

In overall, the project is envisioning a pragmatic way to realize the coexistence of nature, people, and architecture in a high rise system. In a greater picture, it addresses the possible resolution to achieve hedonistic sustainability and improve the urban ecosystem.

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