V : BOND, UTP Student Hub

4th Place in University of Technology Petronas Student Hub Design Competition 2018

Re-bond. Compound. Nature

University of Technology Petronas (UTP) is an engineering-based campus located at Tronoh Perak, which the existing pavilion intersects to form a star-shaped encircle a central park. The campus was a former reserve forest, thus the design scheme is designated with considerate of the innovative learning, urban landscape, tropical climate, sustainable approach and future development.

Taking into consideration both the constraints and opportunities of the existing masterplan and campus contexts, we have come up with a systematic solution that implementing modular design that manner that integrates with the natural landscape. Beginning with the notion of chemical bonding as a fundamental of every element, as well as the basic identity of UTP, the project is named ‘V-Bond’.

’V’ stands for the term ’We’ thot emphasizes the inclusivity in this whole design proposal that comprising people, nature, and the structure. Also, it symbolizes the standing structure which implemented in the modular design of the proposal, that leaves the ground floor spaces to be opened and occupied by nature. ‘V-Bond’ is potentially to be further extends to the green site at the end of the Pocket D in UTP.

V:Bond emphasizes on the integrative paces which enhance the interaction within students, and connects them to nature with canopy walk, and ground floor landscaping. On the other hand, the expressive tectonic form of the structure is leaving breathing space within the compounds, yet symbolizing the identity of engineering and blend within the nature.

The V:Bond modules are formed from a single elements to compounds, then integrates with the landscape as a mixture, then lastly the existing buildings to create reaction. It complete itself as a student hub with innovative learning environment and advanced facilities. This design proposal provides a clearly identifiable image of how modern and sustainable tropical ecosystem to become one continuum. As with nature, it offers endless opportunities for further development, discovery and enrichment for many generations to come.

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