Breaking Walls, Building Bridges

Bachelor’s Degree Final Year Project, 2018
RIBA President’s Medal Nomination, 2018
PAM Student Awards Bronze Medal, 2019
Asia Young Designer Awards Finalist, 2019

In Conjunction: George Town Active Senior Citizens Centre + Urban Footbridge

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges” by Isaac Newton is an impactful quote implying the disconnections within people, generations, physical environment and holistic systems we established. This phenomenon is resulting in a societal vacuum that segregates humanity upon the contemporary age. In the belief to cherish a better connectivity, we may moves forward collectively to a sustainable future that embraces diversity and integrity.

In response towards the generations gap and social chasm that grows rapidly, the proposal is set to contemplate a vision to rejuvenate connectivity in terms of societal, physical and contextual -upon the belief of integrity and receptivity among communities are major elements to shape a collectively sustainable neighbourhood. Inclusiveness also plays an important role as the site is surrounded by mid-low income groups, thus the centre should be a platform encourages involvements from mixed parties rather than providing exclusive and expensive services. It is a “a centre for the once young, and the young ones”.

Strategies are envisaged to realize the ideal community and environment include vitalizing attitude of openness, cultivating lifelong learning culture and enliven positive interaction within people from various backgrounds. The existing archetype of architecture emphasizes on clear defined spatial configuration whereby the inhabitants are well-contained and programmed. In this scheme, the project explores the threshold of conversion in order to subconsciously bring people to gather and anticipate diverse engagement, innovating the dialogue within generations and cherish the process of aging. The derivation of conception is reinterpreted into form as a manifesto- Breaking Walls, Building Bridges.

“Creation of Content,
within the Context”

“Sustainable + Enjoyable =
Hedonistic Sustainability”

“Inside Out, Outside In
seamless boundary between indoor & outdoor living”

“An Inclusive Platform that allows
Coexistence of People, Nature and Architecture”

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