Pocket House

Concept Home 2030 Competition, Malaysia

Reimagine The Future Matrix Of Adaptive Home 2030

As we approach a growing complexity of future living faster than ever before, our housing design shall evolve into an emergent type to encapsulate the ever-changing lifestyle as well. Parallel to the current information era, we are seeking for a rather innovative and adaptive dwelling design tailored to the pioneering future generation, which is diverse, versatile, and highly mobilized. Taking the familiar terrace home in Malaysia as origin, the proposal reimagines the future matrix of adaptive home ideas in 2030.

Originated from the terrace house typology, the design takes a typological shift from a one-size-fits-all template into an adaptive framework of space matrix that is specialized for different inhabitants. The framework adopts the party walls of terrace house with an additional hangar truss system to form a ‘Pocket’ structure, which allows customized modules to fit in the ‘Pocket’ akin to a Tetris-like configuration. The ‘Pocket’ is the fundamental shell to the future home, providing the structural and services support to the livings within- represent itself as Pocket House.

The Pocket House portrays a multi-scalar trajectory of ‘pocket’ concept from the use of built-in Apps for personalization design, to spatial and structural configuration, and the overall blueprint of the neighbourhood. From a conceptual idea, it transcends as a strategic implementation throughout the whole scheme from various aspects like technology, sustainability, buildability and masterplanning. This aligns with the 4 key pillars for future home design as well, namely [1] sustainable solutions; [2] adaptive modularization; [3] advanced construction methods; and [4] tech-infused home system.

In conclusion, the Pocket House explores the limitless possibilities of future home responding to the emerging communities and urban fluxes. It is more than just a home, but a reimagination of anticipatory home design within a systematic framework for a future we share.

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