PIECES, Singapore

Founders’ Memorial of Singapore 2019

Monumentality of Remembrance

Memory are nothing but just virtual representative of yesterday’s pieces, waiting to be collected and serve as a reminder for today. The proposal is conceived as a raw culmination. What we intended to create will be a ‘stone’, a raw natural monument which symbolise the beginning of everything.

Stone is form from multiple faces and edges, each face that form consists of a story behind, telling us how it breaks apart and transform into its form now, just like allowing those memories to become scars on the physical body.

Those fractured surface fascinate us in creating our monument – a memorial which accumulate and gel small pieces of memories together, as a monolithic display of the history of Singapore. Creating an unique architectural experience where the monument is the display itself. This natural monument is also placed inside the skyline of a city garden, complementing with the idea of the city planning – city in a garden.

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