O2 Mount Atelier, Everest

Honorable Mentioned in 24Hours Ideas Forward, EVEREST Design Competition

Everest Base Camp

Upon the highest altitude on Earth, the ascent towards the summit of Everest is still an extreme challenge on human’s survival- the super low oxygen level, drastic climate and temperature. Therefore, this proposal suggests the design of 5 camps along the hiking trails to support the hikers, which omits the deathly condition and increase their rate of survival.

The idea is brought forward to re-imagine a portable construction of base camp, comprises the concept of origami / foldable architecture and modularity. This convenience enhances the feasibility and flexibility of the design. Meanwhile, rather than the basic life support infrastructures, the design are built with structure made up with algae tubes that increase oxygen content. The overall design is made up of ETFE which is lightweight, durable while being able to preserve more heal for the interior spaces.

In conclusion, the notion raised is very focused as an adaptive architecture on such altitude, without disturbance to the nature of the mountain. While being pragmatic in design, it also aims to innovate the harsh survival of lives up on Everest.

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