Valley of Spectrum

International Idea Competition for Globalization of the Previous K2 Site 2021

Chromatic Transformation of Daegu’s Urban Landscape

What kind of future city shall take shape under the turbulent shifts of socio-technological landscapes nowadays? By re-imagining the former K-2 Air Base as a new fertilization of future township, we propose a spectrum of programs where technology, mobility, ecology, and sociology come in a conjunction at Daegu.

Identifying that many cities nowadays are fell short either due to the mono-function planning or overly chaotic situation with afterthought design, the proposal seeks to set a new vision for pioneering idea of future living, which is all about innovation, collaboration, integration, and holistic wellness. This master plan’s principle is brought forward into the concept of ‘Spectrum’- a notion to describes the continuum in optical light, usually results in the range of rainbow colors. Using the former K-2 Air Base site as template, the proposal becomes the forefront of a new master planning framework, a manifold urban experience, an innovative community and generation, and a Valley of Spectrum.

The overall blueprint of the Valley of Spectrum is envisioned as series of hues that embodies the exciting urban programs, crawling across the existing valley and landscapes-interweaving and intersecting with each other. This spectrum is analogous to a rainbow, comprises seven colors that representing their distinctive programs, functions, and spatial language distinctively. It includes the key programs of this master plan: mobility network, innovation nave, living cluster, natural system, hydro-city, leisure territory, and medicinal facilities. These variety of regimes bridge the urban communities from different age groups and backgrounds collectively, contributes to the vibrant ranged of urban dwellers and activities. Of seven colors of seven primary regimes, it creates seven million of hues and endless possibilities.

Orchestrated under such framework, the Valley of Spectrum is an inclusive platform, a new common ground for the urban dwellers, young entrepreneurs, digital nomads, tourists, and any kind of emerging societal forms. It is also a thriving place of symbiosis between culture and nature, technology and ecology. Together with its inhabitants, the new master plan brings a dynamic life to the former air base, creating a bustling urban landscape from scratch in a hedonistic approach. Conclusively, the Valley of Hope is thus a chromatic transformation of Daegu’s urban living, embodies not only the past legacies of the K-2 Air Base but also the many more future endeavors that lines with its memory lane.

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