Self-Print Tower

3rd Place in 24Hours Ideas Forward, HYPERMEGA Design Competition

Phy-gital Growth as Evolutionary Urbanism

Despite the growth of technology is escalated exponentially, our urbanism will confront the inevitable trial of nature- to question that: what could be the paradigm deviation of architecture to respond towards the incoming natural catastrophes while influenced by the future automation?

‘Phy-gital’ as a modern term that represent the symbiosis of ‘physical’ and ‘digital’, becoming a futuristic ideology of coexistence. In this proposal, we envision the natural disasters are soon forthcoming and our design should be a fast fabrication system and implementing a new notion of growth.

Therefore, the technology of 3D printing is applied in a vast scale, that expeditiously transform the design into materialization. The innovation of building technology allows not only the prospective vertical expansion of tower to cater the proliferating population, but also remain its feasibility to react accordingly towards the atmospheric change.

The tower is also imagined as a ‘Cybertopia’ that comprises of mix communities including human, living beings, robots, drones and A.I. The communities continue to evolve, while awaiting the devastated environment to rebuild and regrow into the lively paradise once again. In brief, this proposal is an epitome of the new urbanism model that is responsive upon the parameters of technologies and environment shift.

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