Sejong Synergy Network, Korea

3rd Prize in Sejong National Pilot Smart City School Design Competition 2021

City as An Extended School: Bridging Formal & Informal Learning

Stepping into the era of 4th industrial revolution, the education system nowadays should innovate and adapt too. The traditional education conventions are in the verge of evolution, where the learning paradigm shall expand into various dimensions to cultivate a new generation of creativity. “City as an Extended School” becomes a possible notion with the smart application of technology, transforming school into a campus of connection and collaboration.

Nevertheless, how do we retain the fundamental qualities of education while anticipating a new spectrum in teaching and learning? In that sense, the proposal aims to explore a campus design encapsulates a new way of education by bridging the formal and informal learning spaces. While diversifying the formal boundaries of learning spaces and curriculum, the new campus also rethinks the potential of interval territory linked between the blocks, where informal learning and interactions could happen and spill over– making the journey of learning more vibrant and fun.

In this campus, 5 progressive and transcending interventions are introduced: [1] new learning paradigm, [2] boundless curriculum, [3] custom-made courses, [4] specialized learning spaces, and [5] active reciprocity.  Conclusively, the proposal re-imagine school as a campus- a limitless learning environment driven by innovation and creativity, where students create their possibilities and search for passion. It is a place where “classroom can be anywhere, and teacher can be anyone”.

City as An Extended School: Here, the definition of school is being extended, and the boundary of learning is limitless- it is an urban ecosystem constantly generates creativity. The future school is reimagined to be integrated with its urban resources that branched into various programmes, which offers the opportunities for engagement, participation, or experiment.

Juxtaposition: With the conjunction of formal and informal learning modules creates wonder, the proposal is advocating a shift in standardized school design to become an interesting one. It is a refreshment from the numbed mind after long hours of classes, and a deep breath between the fastened pace of school living.

Interweaving of Movement: The new school encourage movement, hot-desking, and human interactions. The plan reveals a decentralized architecture yet connecting as a reciprocal network with the in-between spaces, interval landscapes, activated streets and common grounds.

Formal Learning Spaces: The conventional classrooms- often stagnant and bland, could become something more in this information age. The proposal suggests a typological change in classroom to stimulates different learning environments, specifically tailored to different subjects, curriculum, and activities.

Informal Learning Spaces: Corresponding to the idea of “classroom can be anywhere, and teacher can be anyone”, the infill of activities towards variety of spaces is making them possible as an extensive learning corner. Here, knowledge become fluid and transmittable, which exists in many forms to be tested and applied.

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