Reflection Pavilion

Display Pavilion Installation, Suria KLCC Concourse 2019

Modular Construction of Temporal Structure

The pavilion is designed accordingly to a corporate 45th year anniversary milestone. The original brief from client was to simply put up an art installation but our team decided to push through the conventional boundary and design as a pavilion instead of normal display booth.

Architectural interpretation of this design originated from the imagination of a dystopian reality where digital trees grows contemplating the content of AV display. The reflecting surface of the pavilion creates a surreal experience for the public passes by the Suria KLCC Concourse and drawing their curiosity. Whereby it also tries to camouflage to its surrounding.

The pixelated and inverted form challenge the conventional fabrication and construction methodology. The project spanned over 2 months from the schematic design stage until it was built and dismantled. Most of the joinery details are customized and done under the supervision of architect’s team. Meanwhile, a lot of particular techniques to actually conduct the whole process are discovered and learned.

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