Bamboo Symphony

Nansha Bird Park Bamboo Pavilion Design Competition 2021

Soundscape Of Rhythmic Resonance

What is the sound of bamboo? We listened closely, and discovered the rhythm of it.

Inspired by Suling, a traditional Southeast Asian bamboo ring flute, the Bamboo Symphony is shaped as an epitome from the inherent essence of this musical craft. Originated from the long history of bamboo flute in China, the Suling is a crossbreed version from the culture of Southeast Asian. The pavilion derived from the idea of bamboo flute is again, being brought back to Nansha Bird Park at China to unveil the harmonic union between both cultures.

The pavilion design revolves around the portrayal of Suling in the Southeast Asian culture- pure, virtuous, and spiritual, which are dialectically depicted as the breath of life. Profoundly translated from such interpretation, the Bamboo Rhapsody as a living monument gently camouflages within its natural context. Viewing afar from the bird park, it resembles a little island of bamboo forest that becomes an illuminating cloud of its reflection on the lake during nighttime. With some breathing pores on the bamboos like upscaled flutes, the pavilion sways, whistles and sings politely as the breezes flow. It is a melody and a soundscape- the Cadence that is orchestrated naturally from the bamboos.

The Bamboo Symphony is a pristine fabrication, yet a seamless transition between the variations of bamboo. Inherited from bamboo as the fundamental element, the varying modules are generated for multiple functions: sitting, wandering, climbing, resting, exhibiting, birdwatching and so on. Those modules come together as a rhythmic linearity, where they dance to blend within its peaceful backdrop. There is no clear parts of roof, wall, or column to be identified. Emerged from such tranquility, the pavilion speaks an accent of utmost unity in an expressive composition.

This is where the arts, cultures, nature, and people meet and resonates, where a symphonic anthem is composed collectively. The Bamboo Symphony is thus a culminating rhythm, embracing not only the wonder of the married cultures but also the inherent continuum of the sensational landscape.

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